Add a Cemetery Location


Thank you for your interest in helping grow our mission by becoming a volunteer Location Coordinator. Before registering a location, you must first check with the cemetery to make sure that they will allow you to hold the Wreaths Across America wreath laying ceremony at their location. Once you have their permission, please complete and submit the Location Sign-up Form and sign the Location Coordinator Policy.

As a volunteer Location Coordinator, you will be responsible for organizing the Wreaths Across America wreath laying ceremony at your location. You will communicate with headquarters on planning and delivery logistics as well as to receive training and support for your volunteer role. You will need to make arrangements with the cemetery’s director for the wreath-laying ceremony and ensure their guidelines are followed. You will coordinate with any sponsorship groups that sign up to sponsor wreaths for your location, as well as invite your local community to get involved, and include them to participate in the wreath-laying ceremony. You will arrange for volunteers to join you in cleaning up the wreaths on the date designated by the cemetery.

PLEASE NOTE: Locations and Sponsorship Groups have different roles. Locations are where the wreath laying ceremony is held, while Sponsorship Groups network within your local community to gather support for the event through wreath sponsorships. If you wish to lead a Sponsorship Group and receive either $5 back for each paid wreath sponsorship or receive 3 wreaths for every 2 paid wreath sponsorships, please click here. As a Location Coordinator, you are not automatically enrolled as a Sponsorship Group Leader.

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All forms will be processed within 2-3 business days. Once your form is processed you will receive a welcome email from your Regional Liaison Team.