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Thank you for your interest in helping grow our mission to REMEMBER, HONOR, and TEACH by becoming a volunteer Sponsorship Group Leader. As a Group Leader, you will invite, inspire, and unite your local community to sponsor veterans' wreaths to be placed on the graves of your hometown heroes on National Wreaths Across America Day this December.

Selecting the right plan for your Sponsorship Group is important. You know your local community better than anyone and can select whichever plan is the most beneficial for your hometown. 

  • A 3-for-2 Group receives three wreaths for every two paid wreath sponsorships. This is a great way for your group to help maximize the number of wreaths placed on veteran graves.
  • A $5 Back Group receives $5 back for every paid wreath sponsorship. This is a great way for your group to give back to your local community.
  • A No Plan Group helps to cover the Wreaths Across America overhead. This is a great way for your group to support the behind the scenes work at headquarters.

To sign up as a Sponsorship Group, please complete and submit the Sponsorship Group Sign Up Form and sign the Group Leader Policy. After your request has been processed, you will be sent a welcome email, with your Group ID, a direct link to your group website, and everything you will need to know to get started. 

As a volunteer Sponsorship Group Leader, you will be responsible for networking within your local community to gather wreath sponsorships. You will select at least one cemetery to support as a group, whether that's Arlington National Cemetery or another cemetery in your state or within your local community. You will communicate with headquarters regularly to keep informed about upcoming promotions and fundraising campaigns, as well as to receive training and support for your volunteer role. You will direct donors to your group website to sponsor wreaths online or you will mail checks and completed order forms to Wreaths Across America within a month of receipt. Wreaths Across America wreath sponsorships are $15 per wreath. You will make arrangements with the volunteer Location Coordinator at the cemetery for which your Sponsorship Group supports to see how you may be of assistance during the wreath laying ceremony.

PLEASE NOTE: Sponsorship Groups and Locations have different roles. Sponsorship Groups network within your local community to gather support for the event through wreath sponsorships, while Locations are where the wreath laying ceremony is held. If you wish to coordinate the wreath laying ceremony at a new Location, please click here. As a Sponsorship Group Leader, you are not automatically enrolled as a Location Coordinator.

Sponsorship Group Sign Up Form

Click the button below to begin the sponsorship group sign-up process. You must read the policies for WAA Sponsorship Groups here before filling in the form, as you will be asked if you agree to those policies in order to sign your group up.

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for processing before you contact the office about your registration.



Please note: We are no longer processing Location and Group registrations for 2021. All new sign ups will be processed in January for the 2022 wreath year. If you are trying to sign up for 2021 or have any questions, please call 877-385-9504. Thank you!